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And the winner's are ....

Hey team!!!

Well that was an exciting last week of the Transformation!

We had some fantastic results both in weight loss, gains in strength & muscle, centimetres lost and overall fitness has improved!

If you turned up to training, you are already a winner!

The battle is on!

Well done to everyone that gave it a go. I know it was a hard on us, as the weather wasn't on our side. That sometimes makes it difficult to get motivated or just hard to get out of bed on those cold mornings.

Rain, hail or shine... FFP never stops!

Stick to your goals and say to yourself everyday " I am worth it, I want a healthy and fit life'. By saying your goals out loud and praising yourself, it makes you more accountable.

So just do it!

In order to qualify as a winner in the Transformation Challenge, you must complete the following:-

  • weigh in & measure at beginning and end of the challenge

  • participate in the Fitness tests at beginning and end of the challenge

  • have an improvement on ALL the above

Girl Power this morning!

The most improved in the fitness test were the following people:-

Bron P, Tony S, Kerrie C, Corey, Ryan, Darryl, Kelly & Pippa Simpson,

(ranging from +2 up to +6)

The highest score of 2 rounds was from:-

  • Pippa Simpson

  • Carlee Wilson

This is an outstanding effort by everyone involved, I love the dedication you have when this challenge is presented to you, you all just grab it and go for it!

We have a handful of people achieve the following results in the challenge:-

Tony S - lost 3.1kgs, 0.9% body fat, 8 cms overall

Karolina - lost 1.3kgs, 1.7% body fat, 3 cms overall

Kerrie C - Lost 1.2kg, 1% body fat, 4 cms overall

Craig W - lost 1.9kg & 5 cms overall

Darryl - lost 1.2 kgs & 4cms overall

Well done to the above mentioned, I know you tried so hard and your results show it!

So who is the overall winner for men and for women?????

For the ladies, we had an outstanding effort! This lovely lady comes to training with her daughter and gives it everything! She is a fabulous role model for her kids, showing them that it's just as important for a parent to be fit and healthy too.

Kelly Simpson's results are :-

  • 1.6 kgs lost

  • 2.7% body fat lost

  • 6 cms lost overall

Well done Kelly, such a great effort and I am super proud of what you have achieved in the last 4 weeks. There is a prize pack waiting for you!

For the men, we also had amazing results, probably the best we've had for awhile. This guy has been training with FFP for a good few years now and when I asked him how serious he was about this challenge, he said 100% and that is exactly what he gave it. He turned up to training 5 days a week for 4 weeks, he changed his food choices and the results speak for themselves.

Corey J's results are:-

  • 2.8kgs lost

  • 4.9% body fat lost

  • 11 cms lost overall

Well done Corey, I am super proud of you, don't give up, keep up the awesome work. There is a prize pack waiting for you at bootcamp!

Please congratulate each other next time you're at bootcamp, you've all achieved something, whether it's big or small and you should be proud of yourselves!

FFP Catch UP

Last Saturday we had our FFP catch up at General Public Company in Scarborough.

What turned out to be a booking for 12, quickly escalated to 25! A big thank you to GPC for accommodating us all!

It was a fabulous turn out and as always there were a lot of laughs!

Thank you to those that made it, so nice to see you all out of lycra.

Pizza time!
Saucy bunch!


As I will be in Bali next week for FFP's 1st ever Bali Bootcamp from the 15th - 19th July, ALL sessions will be at WOODLANDS PRIMARY SCHOOL!

6am, 9.30am and 6pms!

There will be NO Yummy Mummy session next week, but you are more than welcome to come along to the 9.30am session on Mon, Weds & Fri - it's undercover.

Alison and Khama will be looking after you whilst I am away. Please turn up to training, I will be checking in on a daily basis.... so I WILL know if you've been or not!

If you need me, please contact me via email otherwise check out Facebook and Instagram for what some of the crew will be getting up to in Bali.

Once again thanks so much for being such a wonderful team, I love, love, LOVE being your trainer and nothing makes me happier than seeing you all walk through those bootcamp doors everyday!

See you at bootcamp!

Ingrid & Ralphie

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