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Au Revoir 2020!

What a year 2020 has been for all of us!

The year started out plentiful but we were very quickly thrown into lockdown in Perth which meant I went from what was going to be a booming year to a Zooming year. I had to learn how to take my business to a new platform within 48 hours, in the middle of cancelling my wedding, with a house full of family from over East (which were quickly put back on flights) and learn to 'teach' from home. Stressful to say the least!

We didn't know how long this 'new way' of working from home was going to last, but nevertheless it was full steam ahead. I set up all my clients with equipment so that they could continue to train from home, sent links for Zoom sessions and we just crossed our fingers and hoped for the best and went for it!

As much as it was a new way of teaching, my main priority was to make sure that my clients kept a little bit of focus on fitness, health and mostly mental health whilst in lockdown.

It was new for everyone and I must say it was a success!

What came out of it?

The amount of people still wanting to train and stay connected within our FFP community was overwhelming! The lockdown made people stop and think about what is really important in life, it brought families together, it made us take time out from our busy lives, it made people realise how productive one can be working from home.

It made people think about their lifestyle and what they wanted it to be in the future... more of this or less of that etc. There were many positives but also negatives from the lockdown, some people lost their jobs, businesses and just the sad sense of when we would see loved ones that weren't living in the same State or country again.

When lockdown was over (which was mild compared to what other States and Countries had to deal with) there was a buzz back in everyone to get back to training, training once again as the FFP team.

It was all smiles when we were back together again!

Transformation Challenges

We've had Transformation's come and go throughout the year, which we saw some fantastic results! The challenges are always fun, sometimes hard but overall it's the whole coming together, where everyone encourages each other to do their best.

All it takes is just 1 small change in either your diet, lifestyle or exercise to start seeing a difference.... it's that easy!

Sally was our winner in the most recent Transformation Challenge with outstanding results in only 4 weeks, in fact Sally has won it twice now!

Our other 1st place winners this year were Roz, Vicki and Mike. Well done everyone!

Our training this year has been a little harder, but in a good way. As you are all getting stronger and fitter, I have to constantly try to challenge you just that little bit more. You've taken this on board and have proven that all your hard work really does pay off.

Wine Tour

This year one of our social gatherings was a wine tour in the Swan Valley. It was a fabulous day and a huge success which will be repeated next year. We wined and dined, had many laughs and really got to know each other all a little better too. If you missed out this year, make sure you can join us in 2021.

Christmas catchup 2020

When our FFP Christmas gathering turns out with nearly up to 40 people..... you know we have an amazing team!

To see everyone come together, banter, exchange bootcamp stories, discuss who trains the hardest, who slacks off, who is the strongest, the fastest or who just comes along to training for the friendships made.

Seeing everyone together is what makes me happy, you couldn't wipe the smile of my face.

People come to training for all sorts of reasons, but the strong community that has been built from bootcamp with this team is astounding.

Well done to Ryan for attending the highest number of sessions for 2020 and for Bron taking 2nd place. 188 for Ryan and 163 for Bron as of 15/12/20.


Just a friendly reminder to please continue with sanitising your hands UPON entering bootcamp and that you MUST register your session via the QR code which is displayed at every session. This enables all of us to stay safe.

If you are unwell, PLEASE do not attend bootcamp.

It's a wrap

By 7pm on Wednesday 24th December, 2020 I will have run 656 bootcamp sessions for the year. It's been a long year, a hard year on my body too but it's also been a fantastic year!

I am proud of what I do, I love what I do and I am very grateful to have amazing clients, because without them FFP wouldn't happen.

I would like to thank each and everyone of you all for your endless support this year, it's been tough, not just for me but for many of you too. But we soldiered on and got through it, we made the best of a pretty crappy situation and I do believe this in all has probably made us stronger as a team.

I would also like to thank my family for supporting me...... and putting up with me, tears and all!

And a big thank you to my little guy Ralphie, who is always by my side.

I could tell you to go easy on the festive food & drinks and make sure you get some exercise in blah, blah blah........ but in reality I just want you all to rest, rest your body, spend time with loved ones, have fun and enjoy your holidays stress free.

We will be back at bootcamp on January 11th, 2021 for another smashing year!

Ralphie and I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a safe & wonderful new year.

May 2021 be full of good health, love, fun and happiness.

If you need us, you will find us in our pool pod for the next 2 weeks.

Merry Christmas

Ingrid and Ralphie

Important!! We will be closed from the 24th December and reopen at 9.30am on Monday 11th January, 2021.

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