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Coming along strong for 2020

Hi Team!

Well it's been hot and humid like never before but that still hasn't stopped you guys from training.

We've kicked off 2020 with a great start and I am super happy that some of you are really sticking to your goals. All that hard work is now starting to pay off!

We have been having a few training sessions outside lately due to the heat, which is always great to get in that open space. There were days where you all left bootcamp completely drenched in sweat as if you've just been swimming!

Good work team on turning up!

With the extra humidity this does take your training to another level, especially if you arrive dehydrated. Your energy levels will be down and everything will just seem so much harder (which it is!) so please make sure that you are drinking enough water during the day and just before bed.

We have just finished our 1st 4 week Transformation Challenge for the year and have had some fabulous results.

The Challenge consisted of 1 min maximum rep pushups, single leg squats, squats, burpees, fitness test and ......... the Beep Test!

I am very proud of everyone as you all have progressed in one way or another.

Our winner this time is ..........

Mike Day ( 6am crew) !!!!

Mike sent me his goals for the challenge and he stuck to them. He is now reaping the rewards!

Mike lost over 3 kgs, 2.9% body fat and 6 cms overall......... all in only 4 weeks!

He also improved in every aspect of the challenges especially the Beep Test, going from a score of 7.1 to an 8.1.

Fantastic effort Mike, keep up the great work and thanks for always keeping us entertained at 6am!

PS - Ralphie clearly loves distracting you when you need it most.

A goodie bag is coming your way!

Our runners up were:-

Sally - (6am crew) lost 1.9 kg and 6 cms overall

Marco - (6pm crew) lost 1.7 kgs and 4 cms overal, plus a huge improvement on his strength and cardio fitness too

Janet - (6am crew) lost 1.2kg and 6 cms overall

We've also had some outstanding results from our Yummy Mummy group.

Eileen has lost 1.2kg, 2.8% body fat and 4 cms overall plus a great improvement in all the challenges, her strength & fitness are right on track!

Nicola has lost 2.2% body fat, 4 cms overall and has too improved in all aspects of the challenges.

Well done ladies!

It's always a great session and I love that these mums take some time out of their busy schedule to workout.

Exercise is not just great for your body but also for your mental health and this is SO important.

The babies and toddlers love it too!

Our Yummy Mummy classes are pretty full at the moment, we have Mums & babies everywhere! If you would like to go on the waiting list, please send me an email.

We've also been incorporating the ropes into our training lately. Ropes are a fabulous way to increase your cardio, stability and strength ... all in one go.

Even our little Ariella (aka Emma wiggle) loves helping her mum out.

Our next Challenge will be after Easter and the school holidays, starting the Tuesday 28th April. More details to come, so watch this space!

Important information!

As most of you know, I am getting married at the end of March. I will be taking a week off work, so there will be no bootcamp!

The dates are as follows:-

Closed from the Wednesday 25th March and I will return on the following Wednesday the 1st April for the 6pm class!

If you would like a Tabata program to do whilst I am way, please email me asap and I will send you one.

In order to celebrate my upcoming wedding we will be having a WHITE WEDDING bootcamp, plus all the music to go with it.

When : - Monday 23rd & Tuesday 24th March - all sessions

Why :- tying the knot

Dress:- wear something white

Now.... just because the challenge is over that doesn't mean you go back to your old habits.

Remember how hard you have trained ? Remember how good you feel? Well, don't throw that away.

The changes you have made should now be a part of your everyday life, it should easier to eat healthy and make better food choices. It should part of your routine to come to bootcamp and not a struggle as it may have once been. It should be part of your routine to wake up and feel great!

You have put the time and effort into YOU, so keep it up.

Ralphie and I are ALWAYS there to support you the whole way!

That's it for now and I will see you all at bootcamp team.


Ingrid and Ralphie

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