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Our First Challenge!

We are so happy to have the honour of running classes for this amazing community! We finished the First Challenge with you and we have to say we are super proud of you all.

Three months ago we started to run the sessions for you and honestly we were very nervous because we wanted to make you feel happy so you can enjoy the sessions. We hope we achieved that!

Lisa, Anaell and myself (Cecilia) are very passionate about fitness and helping people to make their life healthier, fitter and happier. Make a better version of yourself!

Now, talking about the challenge we want to congratulate EVERYONE! But we have to choose 4 people for the prizes. We considered not only the overall improvement for the different challenges but al so the attitude of getting better and do your best!

The WINNERS are:

- CRISTI 1st Place

- RYAN 1st Place

- NIYOUSHA 2nd Place

- JANET 3rd Place

BRING YOUR FRINDS FOR A FREE CLASS!! We want to make this community bigger and stronger! :)

What's coming?

3 Weeks Challenge.

On mid November we will go for a shorted challenge to get us ready for summer and Christmas ;)

Christmas drinks

At the beginning of December we will organise a Christmas drinks to celebrate together one more year of FFP!

One more thing...

I'm listing some good deals for equipment. If you want to order any item please let me know: / 0422697538


$199 (NORMAL PRICE $299)

The Massage Gun - Percussion Therapy Device Helps Relieve Muscle Soreness and Stiffness with 6 Interchangeable Head Attachments and Carrying Case Included Engineered with very low sound, the Massage Gun - Percussion Therapy Device promotes circulation, improves range of motion, helps accelerate warm up and recovery and relieves muscle soreness. Stiff muscles and aches don't stand a chance against this powerful vibration gun. It has 4 speed settings and features pressure sensor technology. Scientifically formulated percussion will maximise effectiveness of pain relief, enhanced performance and accelerated muscle recovery.


Micro Band Set - Mini Strength Bands are a High Quality, Colour Coded Set of Looped Resistance Bands Made from 100% natural latex for elastic strength, durability and comfort, the Orbit Micro Bands are the perfect way to start and enhance any workout.


No More Slipping Bands The NEW Orbit FitClub Woven Microband Set allows you to exercise without the slipping, rolling and twisting that can happen when using rubber bands. Made from a comfortable woven fabric exterior with an elastic core in three classic colours and strengths - light, medium and heavy.


Yoga & Pilates Mat The FitClub Yoga and Pilates Mat has laser-cut positional markings to help keep you aligned. Keep track of where your arms and legs should be with hand, feet and centre alignments. This sleek mat is matte black to match any studio or space. Made of a dual layer, non slip top and textured polyurethane cushioned base, you'll feel supported and comfortable on every surface. The mat size is an extra spacious 183 x 66 x 0.4cm so you can fully stretch out.


Give Yourself a Deep Tissue Massage with this Foam Roller Foam rollers are one of the more important pieces of exercise equipment and are excellent to use after a workout, to help you stretch and work out tight muscles.


Improve your stability and flexibility and promote stabilisation with the help of an EVA roller The Eva Stability Foam roller is great for stretching, can help improve stability and flexibility and promote stabilisation, balance and core strength. This smaller size (15 x 30cm) makes the Eva Foam roller an ideal size when you're travelling.

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