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Shape up for Spring & Bali recap!

Hey team,

I'm just back from Bali after running our first ever Bali Bootcamp in Ubud and it was a huge success!

Bali Bootcamp @ Ubud Yoga Centre
Bali Bootcamp @ Ubud Yoga Centre

We all had a fabulous week of training in a small local village, amongst the forest. Our activities included bootcamp training everyday plus a variety of yoga classes like the Fly High yoga, TRX training in the hotbox and an Astanga session.

Fly High yoga class

It was a tough week that's for sure, but there was also plenty of time to chill by the pool or grab a massage or 2. We had some amazing vegetarian meals and a brilliant cooking class to help us be more inspired with our home cooking...hopefully!

Wayan cooking class

It was a week of bonding together, laughing together, sweating together and being chased by monkeys together!

The weather was warm, albeit a little overcast but that was perfect for when training on the soccer field. We even had an earthquake during our yoga class to shake things up a little.

TRX in the hotbox, village bootcamp and a well deserved lunch!

I'd like to thank Kerri, Claire, Rik, Carol, Cathy, Dylan and Paris for participating in the Bali bootcamp and for making it such a wonderful success. There also has to be a special mention to Rik (one of our oldest members) for her sheer determination on never missing a session, which she completed with ease, so well done Rik!

I'm pretty chuffed and very proud of all of you for giving everything a go.

Our Bali Bootcamp is for any age, any fitness level and is a great way to make new friends, learn new skills, try new foods and enjoy training in a different country.

Our next Bali Bootcamp will be hopefully scheduled for around April/May 2020 so watch this space for more details.

Thank you!

Whilst the above crew were in Bali, Alison and Khama were busy taking the rest of you through your paces. A big thank you to the girls for looking after you all!

Well done to everyone that turned up training last week :)

Get ready for Spring!

As school holidays come to an end, it's time to get back into routine with your training, eating and commitment to yourselves for a healthier and fitter lifestyle.

As Spring is only 5 1/2 weeks away, it's time to tackle it head on!

Our 4 week "Get ready for Spring' challenge starts 5th August, 2019. Weigh ins and measurements will be done over the Monday and Tuesday of that first week....along with some challenges.

So mark it in your diaries, prepare your pantry/fridge, set goals and go for it!

Our 4 week Spring Challenge is only $99 for unlimited training and pretty much includes everything plus more!

It is free for all existing members. If you did it last time and loved it, bring a friend/family along and get training together!

If you would like to join in, register below.

You have to be in it to win it!

The mornings are now getting lighter and I'm being hopeful that we've seen the worst of winter (fingers crossed!) so there's really no excuse to not turn up to your bootcamp training.

If you need me to help you stay on track, focused or even for me to come and collect you for a bootcamp session.........I will!

Have a fabulous week and see you at bootcamp!

Ingrid & Ralphie

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