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Spring has Sprung, winner, FFP xmas catch up & more!

It's so good to wake up to daylight (finally!) and be training in some glorious mornings.

As Spring is now here we are experiencing some beautiful days in the sunshine, even though a few of those mornings are still a bit crisp. But never fear.... Summer is just around the corner!

It won't be long now before we can start training outside in the evenings too.... I can't wait!

We have just completed a 4 week Transformation Challenge and have had some great results. Our Challenge consisted of a push up challenge, squat challenge, a fitness test plus the overall plain and simple challenge of just turning up to training!

I found this challenge the hardest one to keep you all on track and focused this time round. As we are all experiencing strange and weird times amongst this pandemic, it's still important to make time for yourselves (me time!) and to keep up with your health and fitness training.

We are extremely lucky in WA to be in the position where we can be training with our family/friends, so let's not take this for granted and make the most of it.

If you want to chat about your goals or anything that you need from me to keep you on the right track, please let me know.

Winner Winner!

Our 4 Week Transformation winner is ........ Roz Hayes!!!

I am so proud of her and just delighted with her results, I am sure she is too! Roz lost over 3 kgs, lost 1.5% body fat and 8 cms in total in only 4 weeks! All that hard work and determination has really paid off, well done Roz!

A FFP goodie bag is on it's way to you. Keep up the great work!

Roz attends the 6pm sessions, so make sure you give her a high 5 & congratulate her!

If you missed our last one, make sure you sign up for the November Challenge.... it's the LAST one for the year!

4 week Transformation Challenge starts 2nd November, 2020 and it's only **$99!

Grab a friend and do it together, as training with mates is always fun!

The Transformation Challenge is a great way to get you back on track or help you maintain your health and fitness during the Christmas silly season..... which is just around the corner!

Don't miss out, send an email to to register by 29th Oct, 2020.

**$99 for new members only. The 4 week Transformation Challenge is free for all current FFP members.

Exam Time?

If you have a teenager at home that is in the process of studying and getting themselves mentally ready for the upcoming exams, please remember that exercise plays a big part in this as well. Exercise is a great way for them to let off some steam, increase endorphins, get some fresh air, socialise and just feel better overall.

If your teenager would like to join you at bootcamp, even if it's just a one off session, please bring them along.... it is FREE!

No need to ask me.... just turn up! I will be more than delighted to have them there.

Equipment orders

I am putting an order through in the coming week for mini bands, large bands and foam rollers. Foam rollers are an important part of your training recovery, so get rolling! The bands also help with stretching and it's a great way to do a little extra workout at home on the weekend if you like.

Please email if you would like to place an order.

The prices are as follows:-

Mini Bands

Blue & Black mini bands $8 each

Black mini bands $8 each

Full set of 5 x mini bands

(5 strengths included) $35 set

Power bands

Blue band (hard) $25 each

Green band (medium) $20 each

Red band (light) $15 each

Foam rollers from BlackRoll

Mini Foam Roller 15 cm $12 each - great for shin splints & plantar fasciitis

Medium Foam Roller 30cm $36 each

Pro Hard Foam Roller 30cm $38 each

Massage ball 12cm $16 each

Duoball 8cm $23 each

Duoball 12 cm $30 each

BlackRoll have a great free app that demonstrates how to use their equipment correctly and for various muscle groups.

In house FFP news

Marco and his lovely wife welcomed little Liana a few months back. Welcome to parenthood, sleepless nights and fun times!

We look forward to meeting her at bootcamp sometime soon.

As most of you know my wedding was cancelled 3 days before, due to Covid in March this year.

As the months past, things in our family changed and we had/will have kids heading off in all directions overseas and interstate.

On 22nd August, Jules and I eloped with the kids, down in Eagle Bay.

It was a fantastic day and we are so glad that we got to spend this special time with them.

Save the date!

FFP Xmas catch up

FFP is heading into the valley for the day for our FFP Christmas catch up. It will be a great day to unwind, catch up and try out what the Swan Valley has to offer.

When : Saturday 31st October, 2020

Time: Pick up at Woodlands Primary School at 10am/Drop off around 4.30pm

Why: FFP getting in early Christmas catch up!

What's on: We will be visiting 2 wineries for tastings, then heading to the Homestead Mandoon for lunch, followed by a visit to Funk Cider and then a distillery before heading back to Woodlands.

Cost : $115 per person - this includes transport, tastings at all wineries/cider house/ distillery and lunch at Mandoon. *Drinks at Mandoon for lunch is an extra cost.

***If you would like to join us but are unable to come for the whole day, please feel free to meet us at the Homestead Mandoon for lunch. Please rsvp asap so I can add you to our table.

Please RSVP via email to reserve your spot by 15th October, 2020.. I will forward you the booking/bank details then.

It should be a fabulous day!

That's it for now, get out there and make the most of the fresh air & blue skies! Get to training, talk to me about your goals, stick to your goals, banter and have fun whilst training with your mates and remember that life is good.... keep on smiling!

Stay safe, healthy, strong and keep on training!

Ingrid & Ralphie

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