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That's a wrap for Ralphie and I ...But new beginnings for FFP!

Hey team!

Well it’s been awhile since the last newsletter and so much has been happening at FFP! Masks on, masks off, doors open, doors shut, training indoors, training outdoors...the list goes on and on......but we've survived so far!

In the last 6 months FFP has been busy with fitness challenges, getting through lockdowns, jumping hurdles with the ever changing restrictions etc but it’s been great to see everyone still turn up to training regardless of what is thrown at us….....even on these wet and cold mornings.

The winter weather has certainly settled in but it doesn’t stop us all from training at bootcamp. At the end of the day, everyone needs a little health and fitness in their life and FFP just keeps on going come rain, hail or shine!

Decisions, decisions!

The last 6 months has taken a massive toll on my body and my illness is grappling at my heels daily. After 15 years in the fitness industry and looking after everyone else's health and fitness, it’s now time for Ralphie and I to retire from the fitness industry and look after ourselves.

This was a very tough decision and after many sleepless nights, tears and negotiating with my body to keep going.....…the decision to hang up my sneakers was made.

I have had the best 9.5 years with FFP and for that I am truely grateful. I have become a better PT over that time, I have learnt a lot and I have made wonderful friends in our FFP community, which in turn now feel like my family.

Hey, I even found my husband at bootcamp..hehehe..!

I can honestly say that I have loved every session I've ever taken at FFP, I love the banter, the laughs, the bad dad jokes, the stuff ups, the bogan bootcamp & 80's nights, all the smiles on everyone’s faces…...even at 6am, the cold mornings and the ever so hot sweaty nights training and all the social gatherings we've had. It's been one hell of a ride!

We have created an amazing community at FFP and that’s probably my favourite thing I will take away from all of this.

But most of all I have loved watching you all grow fitter, stronger, faster and healthier over the years. I’ve watched friendships blossom from within our FFP community and the support to each other is a credit to you all.

I've had people start training with us because of up coming weddings, they've stayed on training during pregnancy's and as a result I started Yummy Mummy's. Just so mum's could get some training in and time out for themselves.... and I got too cuddle babies for 45 mins! Time flies as some of these babies will be starting pre school next year!

We've all had some fun times over the years, check out some quick snaps of them all.

So what’s up next for Ralphie and I ?

Ralphie and I have qualified as a ‘team’ as part of the Delta Therapy Dog Association and we will be heading into aged care, hospitals and schools to give a little love back to the community. We are really looking forward to putting a little sparkle into someone’s day.

I will take the next few months to rest, recover and hopefully get a better hold on my health and spend so much more time with my husband, Jules.

I hope to get too bootcamp for a few training sessions, albeit on the low impact side but I will do my best… but really Ralphie and I will be coming along for the banter! So you will see us around, we’re not disappearing!

Plus Mike needs Ralphie there for the distraction!

So what’s happening with FFP?

I so am delighted to say that FFP has a new owner!

Which means FFP will continue to be there for you all and keep you fit and healthy. Everything remains the same, same times, same sessions, same goals…... just different faces!

There will be brand new equipment for you all to throw around and you will also learn new things, exercises, techniques and so much more from these trainers.

Cecilia is the new owner of FFP and comes with a wealth of fitness knowledge and that’s so exciting for you all!

Here’s a little bit about Cecilia D’ Amico.

I was born in Argentina. Eight years ago, after an around the world trip with my husband, we arrived to Perth!!

As I have to start literally from zero, I decided to do what I really liked and followed my passion. So, I became a Personal Trainer!! After 1.5 years of working in a gym I had to put a pause on my job, my daughter Martina was born, an Aussie baby!

Seven months passed and I was ready to return to work. I decided to start my own business, YOUR PLACE MY GYM, as a mobile personal trainer. At the beginning it was just myself and after 6 years I'm proud to say we are a team of 16 trainers!!

A month ago I knew Ingrid was selling FFP and after I met her I said to myself, WHY NOT! I just love the idea of being part of the amazing FFP community!

This is a beautiful challenge and I'm ready to take it with all my positive energy!

PS: I also have a dog, her name is Coco, a Dobermann .

FFP will also have another new trainer, Lisa. Lisa will be taking all the morning sessions and she’s delightful!

Here’s a little bit about Lisa.

I’m moved out here in 2005 from the UK. I left the UK as an outreach youth worker, purchasing assistant and barber….like to keep myself busy!!!

After spending 5 years here working for the autism association and still barbering I decided its was time for a change. With being an avid user of the gym and holding a passion for helping people I decided to qualify in personal training.

I have now been in the industry for 11 years and still love it, I had a short break to have my daughter Tillie who is 8 years old, she is a mini me… universe please help..Lol!

I specialise in group training, personal training and have just become qualified in Pilates.

I’m really looking forward to meeting all of the Fit Faster Performance crew and becoming part of your community, Lisa :)

So as you can all see team you are in very good hands! These lovely girls will look after you, guide you and keep you heading towards your goals.

FFP welcomes Cecilia and Lisa as part of the team and it truely makes my heart full knowing that bootcamp will continue to be the amazing bootcamp that it is.

I will be taking bootcamp sessions for the next week or so and the new trainers will take over very soon, exciting times ahead.

FFP August special for all newbies!

FFP has a winter special for any newbies that have been thinking about starting at bootcamp, but just haven’t taken the leap as yet.

For the month of August you can come train with us for only $99! Tell your friends and start training together or just come along and meet the great bunch of people already training at FFP.

Click on the link to register and Cecilia will help you start your journey into health and fitness and get you ready for the upcoming warmer months.

Transformation Challenge

Watch this space for the start date of the upcoming Transformation Challenge. This challenge is a great way to kick start your fitness, get a spring in your step and get ready for summer…. It’s not that far away!

July catch up, au revoir and new beginnings for FFP

When: Saturday 31st July, 2021

Time: 4-6pm

Where: We will be at General Public Co in Doric Street, Scarborough

If you would like to join us, please RSVP ASAP to

So for now that's it from Ralphie and I, but I am sure we will see you around .

Take care everyone and thanks a million for making my job the best job I ever had!

Ingrid and Ralphie xx

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